Sherwood Technologies offers seminars in thermoforming and thermoplastic foams.

Why Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is one of the most rapidly growing plastics processing technologies. New ideas are continually emerging – pressure forming, forming of filled plastics, of reinforced plastics, new ways of forming saggy plastics, computer-aided designs, new heating techniques, and twin-sheet forming.

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is the method of heating a polymer sheet until it is softened, stretching the sheet over a solid, cool form having the desired part shape, holding the part and its edges against the form until the sheet has rigidified, then trimming the formed part from its web. Although thermoforming is one of the gentlest polymer processes, it must bear the cost of the additional processing step, the fabrication of sheet goods, and the attendant loss in material physical properties. In addition, a substantial portion of the sheet, the trim, must be recovered, reground and re-processed, adding to the processing cost and loss in properties. Despite these ecomonic restrictions, thermoforming dominates thin, rigid packaging and is competing well with injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding for durable products.

Why Foams?

Polymeric foams have important ecomomic impact on nearly every aspect of life today. High-density cellular plastics are used in furniture, transportation, and building products. Low-density foams are used as shock mitigation, insulation, and rigid packaging.

The foam industry grows because cellular materials offer unique advantages over traditional materials and non-cellular [polymers]. Foams have unique insulating properties, impact-resistant characteristics, buoyancy, and outstanding strength-to-weight ratios, amoung other attributes.

What are Foams?

Thermoplastic foams are the result of deliberately adding at least one gas-generating substance such as a chemical blowing agent, a soluble gas, or volatile liquid under pressure to the polymer melt, then altering the environment to cause the gas-generating substance to yield discrete bubbles. Foams offer unique processing challenges, ranging from the technical aspects of controlling bubble nucleation and growth to issues dealing with environmental concerns from diffusing diffusing blowing agent gases.

The Seminar Leader, Jim Throne, has been thermoforming for nearly 30 years in thin-gage for dual oven applications, foams for burger boxes and heavy-gage for pools and spas. He has published and presented nearly 200 papers, five books, 10 book chapters, 5 thermoforming software packages, and has seven patents. He is a Fellow of SPE and PRI. His engineering degrees are from University of Delaware and Case Institute of Technology. His monographs -Thermoforming, J.L. Throne, Hanser, © 1987, and Technology of Thermoforming, J.L. Throne, Hanser, © 1996.

How Can You Keep Your People Topical?

One way is to send them to seminars or conferences. But the cost are escalating. In 1995, experts determined that it cost about $3000 to send one person to a three-day technical seminar. And can you really afford to have that person away from the job for so long?

What About In-Plant?

Why not bring the expert to you? Dr. James L. Throne, PhD, will present a one- or two-day seminar focusing on up-to-date technology, tailored to you needs, in your facility, at your convenience, for as many people as you can spare.

What Will Sherwood Technologies Do?

Dr. James L. Throne, PhD, will present a one- or two-day seminar focusing on up-to-date technology, tailored to you needs, in your facility, at your convenience, for as many people as you can spare.

How Much and For What?

For a one-day seminar, the fee is $3000 plus travel expenses. For two days, the fee is $5000 plus travel expenses. Sherwood Technologies will provide your seminar organizer with a master copy of his PowerPoint presentation and he/she will provide each of the attendees with a copy. STI will even provide the LCD projector. The only things you will need to provide are a meeting room, a screen, refreshments, and lunch.

How Do I Start?

Give Sherwood Technologies a call today at 727-734-5081. When we’ve agreed on a date and fee, Sherwood Technologies will provide you with a topic check-list. Just prioritize the subjects of interest to you and return it.

Sherwoood Technologies always tailors the seminar to your interests.

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