After 21 years as founder, owner, and president of Sherwood Technologies, Inc., an S-Chapter Delaware Corporation, I have dissolved my corporation. I’m now doing business in Florida as (D/B/A) Sherwood Technologies.

What has changed? Really, nothing except the tax status. I’m still consulting in many aspects of plastics processing. And I’m still focusing on foam processing, particle processing, and thermoforming. I’m still in the Tampa Bay area and my phone number is still 001-727-734-5081.

My in-plant seminars are always tailor-made to specific company needs. My public seminars always present up-to-date information on the general aspects of the topics I’m presenting. Oh, and don’t forget to read my technical notes. They’re updated and added to on a regular basis.

So, whether your interests are in updating your current technologies or troubleshooting vexing processing problems, let’s talk.

Jim Throne

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