Jim Throne on March 27th, 1997

On 22-25 March 1997, Manfred Jacob Kunststofftechnik, together with the SPE Thermoforming Division, hosted a three-day conference on thermoforming at the new technology center in Wilhelmsdorf Germany. The conference was patterned after the highly successful SPE Thermoforming Division conference held each September in the U.S.. Management and technical papers were presented the first day. The […]

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Jim Throne on March 14th, 1997

Technically, sag is the bowing of a plastic sheet during the heating phase of thermoforming. Practically, it is a major bugbear. Many processing problems, including the following are directly attributed to sag: Nonuniform sheet thickness, even before the sheet contacts the mold. Nonuniform sheet temperature, since the top-center of the sheet moves away from the […]

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